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Great Wardrobe "is a market that operates in Prato and on the internet since 1997, and Charity in the world of antiquity through the formula of account and buy sale ".
We offer antiques, furniture, rare items, curiosities, modern, collectibles, china, lamps, clothing, accessories, vintage and very more, all rigorously selected and only of its kind.
Not being bound by any formula of the bond markets and in franchising, we can create solutions and events to the needs of our customers.
Helpful Hints to bring items for sale.

- Before you come to our shop a selection of items that you want to sell and doubt calls.
- The clothing must be thoroughly cleaned and ironed (please do not accept broken items, with bullets, dirty, without buttons, etc.)..
- The intimate yet to be rigorously included in the label or box.
- The electronic items must be fully functional, including any cables, transformers and installation CD.
- Do not treat school books of any kind.
- Please note that clothing and items must be related to season (eg: heaters and winter sweaters, suits and air conditioners in summer).
- If you have a piece of furniture for sale please contact us FIRST for an inspection and a free assessment in your home, or bring us or send us your photos to our email address.
How the Great Wardrobe You can sell to the Great Wardrobe

any kind of object: we select it and place it for sale for you.
What to sell? There is no limit to your imagination! Valutaremo each object type with no restrictions!
The object will remain your property because the Great Wardrobe only has authority to sell the goods, which means that if you do not sell your items within 70 days, you can withdraw at no cost. Easy

What are the conditions of sale

If you wish to sell your items at the Great Wardrobe, should know that:

  • need to register for free with your information: the product will be offered for sale in your name. Personal data will not be divultati to third parties
  • items remain on display for free for 40 days. If not sold within this period will be offered at a discounted price for additional 30 days (10 to 50 %);
  • 70 days after exposure of the goods, the terms of sale ends. Unsold items will be distributed at no cost;
  • the proceeds from the sale for all items (including furniture) is 65% for clothing and accessories (bags, shoes, belts, etc. ..) the 50%.
    Instead the commission for items sold on the Internet is the ONLY 90%
  • You can pick up your items at any time without paying or criminal For more information, go to the conditions of the Great Wardrobe .

    How can I increase the chances of sales
    You can choose to post your items for sale on the internet!

  • Simply register on our account online sales
  • provide digital photographs and a brief description of the object and the rest we'll take care of everything! Easy
  • integration costs are fully FREE
  • If you do not have the opportunity to take photos, no problem, we can provide us! Simply take your goods at the Great Wardrobe in Prato.
  • objects on display will then account for sale and / or on site, greatly increasing the chances of sales
    Want to start selling? Try
    does not cost you anything!
    The choice of the Internet: why we offer a unique service
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