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The "Great Cabinet" recognizes the right of withdrawal for all items for sale on its site, as required by law, only if the merchandise is delivered to the purchaser does not comply with As indicated in the listing to sell.
The deadline to exercise this right is 10 days as provided by law. By that date, the customer must send notice written and signed letter, headed with the following data:
"Section Internet" c / o The Great Wardrobe, via Pistoiese 403/405, 59100 Prato (PO). The letter must state the bank details (name bank, agency name, ABI, CAB code, account number, as well as the IBAN) where the customer wishes to receive credit for the amount incurred for the purchase of goods returned.
This letter can also be faxed to the number.
After sending the letter, the customer is required to send through courier, the goods available in appropriate packaging to ensure the integrity ' . Enclose with the package, the receipt of the order / payment signed.
This package, as the written notice must be sent within 10 days of receipt of goods purchased at the same address indicated above for the dispatch of the letter. REFUND
Within 30 days of receipt of the letter and the goods, the "Great Cabinet" will make the transfer of credit for the amount that the customer has paid for the purchase of goods ordered on the coordinates bank by the customer.
The only expense that the customer will then to exercise the right of withdrawal is the shipping cost for sending the letter Fax longer registered or courier charges for the transportation of goods at our office.
It 'goes without saying that this procedure is void if: A) the customer returns hand the goods from the "Great Wardrobe in Prato. B) the goods are delivered broken or tampered C) if the letter and / or goods it reaches beyond the deadline. MODE ' PAYMENT
Minimum orders are not required amount.
All prices are including 20% VAT.
The purchase of the goods can be made directly from the site.
Payment can be made by five different modes:
Payment by credit card via the secure PAYPAL (Also abroad).
With PayPal you can pay for your purchases free of charge using your card credit card (Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard) or a prepaid card (Postepay Kalibra and others) but did not share the information with the seller. In addition, the PayPal Buyer Protection offers a rebate of up to U.S. $ 1000.00 in the event of item not received or significantly not as described. To pay with PayPal is not necessary to have a PayPal account.
Payment by bank transfer online or standard (for abroad).
Ease of use, security (it is proof of the transaction), speed and cost (many banks do not charge any commission on credit online).
Cash on delivery (Italy only).
Guaranteed payment by express courier at the time of delivery will always be done within 24 hours. Supplement mark on the buyer. Can be used for amounts up to fifty euros.
Postal (Italy only).
Payment by the Italian Post. Cost of money order to the buyer.
Cash on delivery.
Withdrawal of goods from the Great Cabinet based on a Pistoiese 403/405 - 59100 Prato.
The "Great Cabinet" undertakes to carry out the shipment within 2 days business (depending on the type of shipping selected), or maximum 15 days working if custom items from the day following that receipt of payment.
In case of failure to delivery on time, due the temporary unavailability of goods requested, we will strive to inform the customer via e-mail of the delay in delivery.
In the event that a purchased product is no longer available as our suppliers have deleted from the catalog, the customer will be returned the entire amount paid. Shipping rates and packing are unique for the whole of Italy, with the exception of the Islands and some CAP as "disadvantaged". For these routes, it would be a surcharge of 3.5% of the price of shipping. The any costs of storage of goods at the courier in case it is impossible delivery for unavailability of, are paid by the buyer. the delivery of the package to courier , always check the health and status box and the outer packaging. If it were visibly damaged or tampered with, you can still pick up the delivery to the Carrier requesting sign the "reserve". It is absolutely impossible to open the package before the payment in case of cash on delivery.
The "Great Cabinet" does not assume any responsibility for a After opening the package and any damage is involved in transport. LIABILITY '
You exclude the Great Wardrobe from any liability associated content, action or inaction, or arising from objects Sale by other users. The site is simply a place where Any registered user can bid and buy items, anytime, from anywhere on the Internet, anywhere, and with different ways, eg through fixed-price sales, and how "Auction."
The Great Closet has no role in the transaction that takes place between users as a result of their activities on the site and has a control or responsibility limited in terms of quality, safety, legality of the items advertised the property of the users themselves.
The Great Closet also has a limited ability to verify the truthfulness and accuracy of the listings or the ability of users to buy, sell and bid nor can it ensure that a buyer or seller to be actually able to complete a sale.
The Great Closet does not transfer the ownership of objects by the seller purchaser and does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted access to the site and its staff, which can be affected by factors outside its control. Consequently, within the limits of the Consumer Code and other applicable laws, the Great Wardrobe excludes any warranty, term and implicit condition. The Great Wardrobe is in no way responsible economic losses, goodwill or reputation damage or for any special, indirect or consequential damages arising out of your website and services. Since the laws of some countries do not allow the exemption guarantees, the above exclusions may not apply.
By accepting this agreement, you agree to indemnify the Great Wardrobe as well as employees and managers from any claim or claims for damages from third parties, which may also result from violation of one of the conditions contained in this Agreement, the obligations of law or the rights of third parties. ADVICE Under Construction ...

Who Sales
The sale is intended as an agency contract between the "Great Wardrobe" and the private client, and takes place at our market on consignment with headquarters in Prato, or through our website.
The mandate of sale is the guide in terms of law, our role of brokers to our suppliers. Indicates the conditions Sales, the duration of the contract, the commission and how collection of the goods sold on consignment in stores and on the website Internet (as distinct from the letter "B" of the relevant paragraph). Do 'authority to sell to name and on behalf of my items that I own as per attached "LIST ITEMS RECEIVED" the company cited above hereinafter referred to Agent who uses the mark "THE BIG CLOSET consignment used" the following conditions:
(1) The objects remain my property until their sale, and up the expiration date of the "List items" at the AGENT in free exposure except as explained below.
(2) I note that the amount of items sold will be available on a monthly basis from first to third day of each month following the sale.
(3) It is understood that the commission due the attorney in the mature only at the time when I will be paid the total amount of selling items to date and the agent will be guardian same amount on my behalf and the expenses incurred by it to custody of the amounts collected on behalf of and for me it will compensate with the fruits may be collected depending on the store (art 1775/1781 Civil Code)..
(4) I understand that the maximum exposure is 40 (forty) days and after that period, and unsold items not picked up will be discounted and offered for sale will be held for another month.
(4B) I note that the maximum duration of exposure on the Internet is of 40 (forty) days and after that period unsold items will be removed from sale.
(5) I acknowledge that my every right to collect the debt relating to items sold in the name and on my behalf, spent ten days a year from the sale thereof (Art. 2964 of the Civil Code)..
(6) I understand that the objects of my property should be withdrawn, if not sold before the "expiry date" of the "list items" items exceeded this deadline will not be mine.
(7) I understand that my percentage is the same: furniture, objects, books, furniture, lamps, etc. ... 65%, for clothing 50%.
(7B) I understand that my share will be 90% for any type of goods for sale on the internet.
(8) Position the "Grand Armada" in selling my items through its website under the conditions described above.
If you need any 'assistance on our products and services, the customer can 'apply directly at the Great Wardrobe by sending an email request assistance, contact us by phone or through the section " Info and Contacts ".

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